TEDxYouth Helsingborg


We are proud to present that TEDx has finally arrived once again to Helsingborg, this time in the form of TEDx Youth! TED is a world famous organisation made to spread ideas and perspectives through talks from truly inspiring people, and TEDxYouth in Helsingborg is no exception! This day will be a day filled with inspiration, ideas and perspectives, shared by some of the regions greatest speakers who have a desire to share their story with you. Other than amazing talks we will offer lunch where you also have a chance to meet new people and spread your creative ideas with each other, and a fantastic band will be playing between pauses and lunch. We can guarantee that this day will be a day filled with inspiration and creative energy, and we are unbelievably excited! The event will be hosted on May 14th in Dunkers Kulturhus, and admissions are opening soon! Stay tuned and like our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TEDxHelsingborg/) for updates about who will be talking on this amazing day, and of course how to apply for the event.


We are TEDxYouth Helsingborg, a team of ambitious young adults who have a desire to spread the inspring and creative aspects of ideas and dreams, together with a group of fantastic speakers.

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To sign up for the event please follow this link
  • Contact
  • tedxyouthhelsingborg@gmail.com
  • www.facebook.com/TEDxHelsingborg/?fref=ts
  • Adress
  • Dunkers
  • Kungsgatan 11
  • 252 21 Helsingborg

This independent TEDxYouth event is operated under license from TED